Company Overview

Our company manufactures and sells synthetic leather by using foaming agents
such as polyurethane, synthetic resins, non-woven fabric, etc.
The main use of polyurethane synthetic leather has diversified from shoes,
clothing, bags, etc. to BALL type, sports products, cases for electronics,
furniture, interior materials of automobiles and miscellaneous goods
and the demand for it is continuously increasing according to how its use grows.

Since the establishment of our company in 1986, we have developed into a representative business
in the field of artificial leather.
We have made prompt supply to customers possible by establishing production lines through the establishment
of local subsidiaries associated with major subsidiary companies such as PT.BAIKSAN INDONESIA (Indonesia),
DONGGUAN BAIKSAN CO., LTD (China), BAIKSAN VIET NAM CO., LTD (Vietnam) as a global strategy.
We also provide customized production services that meet the various requirements of the customers.

Our company focuses on the field of sports shoes, cases for electronics, interior material of automobiles
among various uses of synthetic leather when operating the business.
  • Company NameBaiksan Co., Ltd.
  • CEOKim Hanjun
  • Date of EstablishmentOctober 21, 1984
  • Main BusinessBusiness specializing in production of artificial leather
  • Classification of BusinessMedium-sized and KOSPI-listed company

Corporate Philosophy

Endless value creation towards humans, customers and future

  • Human

  • Customer

  • Future

Make an effort to believe and unite Mutually with basis of human esteem and endeavor self-development with autonomy and originality
Finish the mission of the enterprise and social responsibility with the value creation service for customer
Raise a vital force with endless creation aiming for the future.

The Seven Spirits of Baiksan

Trust Harmony Spirit :
The employee to trust, harmonize and respect each other.
Self-esteem Spirit :
The employee to contribute to the organization by self-esteem.
Originality Fight Spirit :
The employee to take responsibility with originality and devotion of his own goal
Honest Thrift Spirit :
The employee to work with diligence and thrift having honest as living motto
Thanks Practice Spirit :
The employee to practice it with thanking mind and positive way of thinking
Kind Service Spirit :
The employee to serve kindly it with the wisdom, which it lives together
Self interest Altruism Spirit :
The employee to think other’s interest valuable