Eco-friendly technologies of Baiksan

  • - Technological advantages compared to other competing companies due to in-house development of water-borne PU resin
  • - Development of manufacturing technologies based on water-borne PU resin and solvent-free PU resin
  • - Promote health and safety of consumers by removing harmful organic solvents
  • - Prevention of air and water pollution
  • - Improve the health and working environment of operators
  • - Strengthening trend about the global environmental regulation

Eco-friendly Products

Water-borne Type PU Products
- PU product of eco-friendly materials that has replaced volatile organic solvents with water, which is an essential ingredient of organic solvent type PU used to manufacture existing artificial leather by using water-borne PU resin.
- It doesn’t contain VOCs harmful to the human body
Solvent-free PU Product
- Product that is coated on non-woven materials by applying solvent-free PU resins and connecting with hardening system, etc.
- It doesn’t contain VOCs harmful to the human body