Sustainable Management

We, Baiksan, are gradually but energetically building towards the future through creating value for our customers and our commitment to the duties of our company through the best services founded on mutual respect, trust, self-determination and originality based on respect for humans and will establish a business ethics system in 2017 and work hard to deepen the business ethics system while following the requirements related to human rights/ labor/ ethics/ environment, which are the requirements of our customers, under the mottos of

  • Business that Respects Humans (human)
  • Business that Respects Customers (customer)
  • Business that Opens the Future (future)

In addition, we provide scholarships, etc. through a total of 930 million won (own expenses included) of in-house workfare money for the welfare of our employees and have received an achievement citation from the head of the Ansan Regional Employment and Labor Administration on Commerce and Industry Day for sincerely practicing our human resource policy.

We will continue to pursue corporate sustainability management through ethics, human rights labor, etc.

Undertaking Accomplishment and Ethic Code

  • 1. The best level of integrity in all business relations is required and all forms of bribery, corruption, intimidation and embezzlement are forbidden.
  • 2. Any giving or taking of bribes or other means to make unfair profits are forbidden.
  • 3. Information about enterprise activity, business structure, financial position, achievements and etc. are disclosed according to the related legislation and criteria.
  • 4. Respect all intellectual property rights of all related partners
  • 5. Protect customer information by following the legislation and criteria of fair trade, advertisement and competition.
  • 6. If you are aware or have doubts about illegal or unethical behaviors, etc., report it to the business administration team, HOTLINE or the Integrity Line.
  • 7. We protect and ensure the confidentiality of all whistle-blowers, covering the company and partner companies. The secrets obtained from inquiries and reports will be kept private and no retaliation is allowed.
  • 8. Financial resources or benefits are neither directly nor indirectly provided to groups dealing in conflict minerals, such as armed groups involved in serious human rights abuses.
  • 9. Protect information of all people related to business administration and follow related legislations and criteria when storing, handling, transmitting and sharing information.
  • 10. Allow all employees to exchange opinions that may cause problems without the fear of retaliation, threats or harassment, etc.
  • 11. Establish policies and criteria through this policy.
  • In addition, this policy and related criteria shall be consistently improved.

Quality Policy

1. Minimization of customer complaints
1) Quick and accurate improvement and settlement of customer complaints
2) Solve problems at a fundamental level to prevent recurrence of the same incongruities and irregularities
2. Optimization of design quality
1) Operation of fundamental management system and utilization of scientific/statistical techniques
2) Minimization of design change through reinforcement of verification activities
3. Secure post-quality of raw materials
1) Activity support and strengthening of judgment for the quality control of cooperative firms
2) Increase detection capability through modification of receiving inspection system
4. Quality stabilization of process and products
1) Uniformization of product quality through statistical/ scientific process control
2) Improvement of quality and productivity through the removal of inadequate/ waste elements
5. Optimization of verification/inspection system
1) Improvement of detection capability through modification of consistent examination/ inspection system
2) Securing and maintenance of precision/ accuracy degree for the examination/ inspection system

All employees of Baiksan Co., Ltd. must understand the quality policy and objectives above, truly realize the established quality system and achieve
the quality policy and objectives through continuous improvement activities.

Environmental Safety and Health Policy

  • 1. Thoroughly follow the legislation and in-house criteria about environmental/ safety policy
  • 2. Improvement of quality and productivity through pollution prevention
  • 3. Decrease production costs through energy saving and effective use of resources
  • 4. Reconsideration of marketing competitiveness through development and launching of eco-friendly products
  • 5. Understand and improve the requirements of customers and persons concerned
  • 6. Create a pleasant working environment and comply with safety and health control measures
  • All employees of Baiksan Co., Ltd. must understand the environmental policy and objectives above, truly realize the established quality system and achieve
    the quality policy and objectives through continuous improvement activities.