CEO Greetings

We, Baiksan people, carry out our duties to the fullest by making every effort at self-improvement through autonomy and originality by helping
and cooperating with each other based on mutual respect and trust and we find contributing to the development of the company very rewarding.

In addition, every person of Baiksan keeps in mind that the profit and satisfaction of the customers coincide with the profit and development
of Baiksan and all staffs make great effort to develop products and services by identifying the requirements of the customers by putting themselves
in the shoes of the customers.

In the future, we will increase research & development and plant and equipment investment in the field of not only artificial leather but living industries
industrial and textile industry as well. In addition, we will try to advance towards globalization by constructing and operating local factories in Dongguan,
Guangdong, China, Jakarta, Indonesia and in the outskirts of Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam.
At present, we, Baiksan, will take our social responsibilities seriously. Our business ethic is based on honest and upright management and we cherish the
safety and health of our employees. We will seek to raise productivity through the further introduction of technology, and in so doing will lead the market
with eco-friendly as well as high quality products with the best competitiveness through endless improvement to return the constant support of
our customers.

Thank you.

CEO Kim Hanjun